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[Comments] (4) ka-boom: Happy Diwali! To celebrate the holiday, we were awoken by fireworks at 6 am! Three things are really wrong with this.

1. It's just plain rude. Nuff said.

2. I like fireworks as much (probably more than) the next guy. I remember sending on July 4th in Bakersfield and Susie's family had NO plans to see or light fireworks. None. Truly disappointing. But still. I don't see the point to the fireworks that simply make noise. The ones you light at night that are visually appealing, sure. But the ones that you pay $5 that just make noise, I just don't see the point. I guess the point is to be rude and wake your community up before they want to be up.

3. There are apparently no rules in India about being quiet at certain times, or worrying about fire hazards (here anyone can light off the type of fireworks that back home you would only see at a show, for example). All this seems very dangerous to me, but since I'm refraining from fireworks, no one can sing "John started the fire" at least.


Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 26 2011 03:09

you can do those aerial fireworks from your backyard in the UK too. (but you can't blow dry your hair in the bathroom because you might electrocute yourself) I find it very weird.

Posted by John at Wed Oct 26 2011 10:29

It seriously sounds like we are in a war zone tonight! Lucky for us, the kids are sleeping right through it.

Posted by John at Wed Oct 26 2011 10:31

As for lighting fireworks off here, I guess it's different in the tropics. I come from a dry, windy climate where it doesn't take much to set things ablaze or to lose control. If it's not a concern here, then I guess that's that.

As for noise ordinance, I could only dream. Indians for some reason love noise. An Indian temple is the noisiest place I've ever been, which is quite different for me after dealing with Christian and then Buddhist temples that stress quiet and reverence to achieve enlightenment and nirvana. Here bands blast music and people wail.

Posted by Mom at Wed Oct 26 2011 16:49

Hope Maggie will give all of us hugs since we're not Indian.

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