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Viva Las Wegas: Dubai is quite akin to Sin City. It's hot, it's the desert, it's opulent, it has fancy hotels, it has malls, malls, malls, and it has it's own fountain show. Even though the correct pronunciation for Las Vegas is with a V, Indians for some reason switch V & W interchangably, at random, at will. So they call it Las Wegas. But a popular name in India is Vishwas, and it is pronounced phonetically correctly. Go figure.

I'm sick sick sick. I started feeling really ill Sunday night before we left. I considered cancelling the trip. Hot and cold flashes, frequent bathroom runs. You name it. But surprisingly on Monday I handled the flight well but crashed when we got to the hotel. Which is amazing! We got a suite and the kids have their own bathroom and partitioned bedroom, there is a main area with a couch and a table and cupboards for our stuff, then a third master area with our own bed and our own bathroom. With a tub! So all in all, I think I would rather be sick in Dubai in this nice hotel room than in Bangalore. Especially when I consider the time spent in the lew and how nice it is compared to ours in India. But I still wish I were better.

Yesterday I felt ok in the morning so we took the free shuttle to Jumeriah Beach. Perfect, perfect, perfect! The water was just right temp-wise and the water was also really clear. It is very salty, I found out the hard way when Dalton splashed a moutful of sea spray into my poor unsuspecting mouth. But that just meant we could float easily! The beach rents umbrellas and chairs and towels for a reasonable price. The water was just what my ailing body needed. It felt wonderful. And considering how hot it is here, being in the shade next to the water felt great! We plan to go back tomorrow.

After the beach I came home and crashed and Susie went to the Mall of the Emirates next door to grab lunch for everybody. I had a Red Mango smoothie only. Then when I felt decent we headed back to the mall so I could take Maggie to Ski Dubai. Dalton is too young, you must be 3 for some odd reason to play in the snow, but he didn't seem to mind. Maggie LOVED it! She loved loved loved it. I finally had to leave because I was freezing and the hot chocolate did little to remedy that. But we rode on toboggans, went tubing, and rode the gondola up to the skiers then back down just for kicks. Just like in UT, dada, Maggie told me. Just like in UT.

For a little girl that always wants to be held, Maggie climbed up the hill on her own without complaint every time we went tubing. She would tell me "I think so it was kinda fast, dada" but still wanted to keep going. I know she's happy when she calls me dada.

Dinner was CPK for the kids (jealous!) but another smoothie for me. Eventually there will be nothing left in my stomach to cause cramps and irregular bathroom runs, but we don't appear to be there quite yet. Then maybe I can eat real food, since they actually have it here. Until then, I'm drinking lots of water and fruit juice so as not to dehydrate.

Today we are attempting a water park, assuming I can hold up ok.

Dubai is mostly amazing. Things are quite expensive here (though our hotel is the cheapest yet among our trips, and for a suite to boot) but food and clothing has been rough. And Carter's had nothing in 18 months, which Dalton needs. Never mind he turns two on Sunday (Happy Dubai Birthday Dalt!) And there are too many Indians here, meaning a lot of frustration over the queueing process at Ski Dubai, etc. If they are that way at the water park, I will whip out a can on them. It's so rude. But otherwise this place is amazing! It's so clean. And they drive on the American side of the road (USA, USA). Which actually is a little confusing when we try and cross the street, but the practice is good since we'll be going home soon.

OK, time to go live it up!


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