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On a palm tree shaped island, in the ocean: That's where we spent the day yesterday. At a water park called Atlantis. They have a lazy river that takes about 30 minutes to get around it's so big. It includes three white water rapid sections and a long torrential wave pool section that Maggie loved but scared Dalton every time. We bribed him with rewards of ice cream. They have these group double decker inner tubes where the front one has a seat in it for the kids so they don't fall through...genius!

Spending the entire day in a wave pool had me rocking in bed last night as a I went to sleep.

Susie and I also got to take turns going on water slides that plunged us in a tube in the middle of a shark and ray pool. The kids could see us in there.

Being on a man-made island, of course, made me think of Rita, aka Mr F, from Arrested Development. She told Michael istead of building more houses he should build more land. The joke is, of course, we can't build land. Except that, in Dubai, they do it all the time!

I think these last three weeks back in India are going to be extremely painful. Well, time to go have more fun today!


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