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Later that same day: In the lobby watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Dalton while Mommy and Maggie go skiing. Dalton and I passed the time playing in the toystore, buying expensive candy and also buying postcards to send to Grandma and Aunt Jamie, and yelling at the hotel to come and clean our room.

which came first?: Dubai is like India in that people here never seem to have enough change. I wonder where the true origin of that one is? It's hard to say because Dubai has quite a large Indian population.

But I haven't seen a single person urinate in the street, throw trash out the window, or pinch my kid's cheeks. So I guess it's fine.

The true annoyingness of Dubai is the cost of food. A kid's meal is $9! That's more than I pay for adult meals back home fercryinoutloud! But transportation costs are reasonable (American prices so it feels expensive after the rest of Asia), hotel costs are extremely reasonable, and the cost of water is also fair. But food is crazy expensive. Except at the grocery store. We're so used to paying $7 for imported American cereal in India that paying $4 is now a steal! We found Cheerios, Cookie Crisp, and Golden Grahams. Huzzah!


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