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electric slide: I bought a new car yesterday. Well, new to me. It's a Mazda 3 hatchback, electric blue, with a GPS, keyless entry and keyless engine start, heated leather seats, sunroof, and more buttons and gadgets than I am normally used to. I would never order such gadgets in a car but it worked out here in the perfect used car. It's a 2011 and has only 13K miles on it.

We bought it at CU Auto Center and it was such a refreshing change from Karl Malone Toyota. No pressure, no sales pitch, no bargaining the price, just test drove two cars, asked some questions, and went home with a new car.

We had them peel the window tint off the car as it seriously made the car look too gangster and was hard for me to look out the rear view mirror without a halo effect on the other car's lights. We like it much better without the tint.

It's hard to believe we survived on one car for 18 months! But it was nice to do so, even though it is now just not feasible.

I survived the week in Chicago. I still have to go to Orlando in December and back to Chicago in January. There's a lot of travel in my future that I'm not looking forward to. I missed the kids a lot and they missed me. Especially Dalton. He won't let me out of his sight now. I even slept in his bed with him last night. He's my cuddlebug.


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