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[Comments] (1) survey says: Common questions people ask me about India:

Did you like the food? Easily answered with a resounding NO.

Did you learn the language? Easily answered with a "which one?"

Are you happy to be home? Easily answered in the affirmative.

The questions rarely go deeper than this.

I spent Friday in Irvine eating pizza, playing UNO and pictionary, and meeting up with a really old friend, Kris Rickard, who grew up in my hood. We sat next to each other on the plane (serendipity), and are both CPA's. It's a small accounting world. The drive home from the airport was treacherous in the snow and had me missing Irvine already.

Today we hit IHOP for yummy eggnog pancakes, delish gingerbread hot chocolate, and the balloon lady, who made Dalton a snowman and Maggie a T-Rex (what else indeed). Then we hit Old Navy for the sale of a century. At noon sharp all adult winter clothes were 75% off. And since our winter clothes are all missing, we were in dire need. I bought a fleece jacket for $12, a down coat for $17, Susie a coat for $14, Maggie a coat for $17, new gray work pants for $25, and we got an additional $10 off the entire purchase. We got there at 11 and grabbed all the good stuff and got in line for the bewitching hour. It was a good plan. We are now prepared for Jack Frost and his worst.

Then we went and saw Jodi and Franco's new pad and took Grandma June a Christmas tree. It was wierd to see the same old tombstone, now 24 years old, with a brand new death date sketched in under Grandma's name. Maggie wanted to see her bones, I guess like a dinosaur fossil.

Now we're home decorating for the holidays, making up for missed time from last year. Also making a list of food for Thanksgiving and baking Andes mint chocolate chip cookies. It's going to be a great holiday season!


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