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the in crowd: Our ward here is nice, overall. I have some good friends, most of which are still around, and it was nice to catch up with these people today. Next Sunday we get to speak about our India rotation.

But. This ward can also be funny at times. For example, one Mother's Day, the Bishop went around the congregation singling out mothers he knew that were good mothers. Which inevitably left the rest of the mothers, Susie included, feeling like NOT good mothers. I was really unhappy that day. Like Mother's Day doesn't carry enough emotional baggage as it is for most women who don't live up the ideals people lie about that day.

Then today it was the Sunday School teacher, going around the room saying things like "I like Sister so-and-so; she's so great." Well. What about all the brothers and sisters so-and-so who didn't receive a verbal accolade? By default, I suppose we are NOT great, not liked by the teacher, and really didn't need to come at all today.

I know, well HOPE, their intentions are good. But it sure does come off rude.

My kids often give me access to clubs I'm otherwise shut out of. Someone, in UT no less, today at church told me Dalton is the cutest little boy she's ever met!


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