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[Comments] (1) turkey bowl: Monday I worked a full day and today I worked half of the day. We strung Christmas lights on the house, then we went Thanksgiving shopping, grabbed some donuts and Subway, and are now at the cabin for the night. Maggie's been begging to go since we got back to the states three weeks ago and we finally made it.

We've been here 2.5 hours and the cabin is still only 60 degrees now. We've got a long ways to go! Maggie and I also went on an adventure walkabout to the stick house. She remembers going to Timp Cave two summers ago, before Dalton was even born. She's got a great memory.

Tonight we'll cuddle up next to the fire over hot chocolate and Cheetos and watch teevee, read the Kindle, and master some Sudoku. It looks to be a very peaceful evening. Baby it's cold outside.


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