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[Comments] (1) day of food: Susie does the shopping in our household. Period. But sometimes I get to interject food into our kids lives that Susie won't eat. This week brought about egg nog! Maggie and Susie both have an aversion to milk that, frankly, I don't understand. They both like cold water with their cookies, for example. Yuck.

But Maggie LOVES egg nog! She first thought it was milk but I made her take a drink. Next thing I knew, the entire carton was empty and Maggie was asking for more. The more of us that like it, the more likely we are to get Susie to buy it.


Posted by Susie at Fri Nov 25 2011 16:50

You are confused.
1) I don't like India milk. and I don't like cold water with my cookies.
2) I buy egg nog.

But I don't like corn dog milk.

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