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weekend and Maggie's: TU & WED we spent at the cabin in the cold. It took four hours to get the temp up where we needed it. There was more snow than we expected but we still went out and had fun sans snow gear. I love going up there in the winter and playing some Christmas songs on the player piano while sipping egg nog.

TH was turkey day. Mostly ate, but also hit the park with the kids, and watched "BC Thanksgiving" with my brother and sister on YouTube, a favorite of ours as kids. They just don't make them like that anymore. I wonder why comic strips no longer make holiday teevee specials.

FR morning Susie went to the temple and I worked until the kids woke up. Then we went to see the Muppet Movie with our free movie tickets we procured from the dentist thanks to his refer a patient program. By keeping a low profile that day, we avoided mace, pepper spray, taserings, and other such festive Black Friday events

SAT we hit the mall, but to do the Angel Tree program. We picked a two year old boy and a seven year old girl and had fun buying Barbies, cars, and clothing. We also managed to buy Dalton's present that day. Then we went to lunch at Su Casa with my mom for the best Mexican food in town.

Today was church, wherein Susie and I were asked to speak about our experiences in India. Then onto tithing settlement (we passed) and home teaching. My 16-month stint of no home teaching came to an end. But unfortunately our 16-month stint of not being home taught will live to see another day.

Tomorrow I leave UT behind to work on-site at a client's in Anaheim for a week. Travelling is never as much fun alone. And when it's for work.


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