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[Comments] (1) first impressions: Getting settled. We arrived on time in SLC with all our luggage, a huge success, and made it safely back to our home around 10 pm on the first. The second we battled jet lag, unpacked the house, made a huge mess, went to Cafe Rio, Target, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart and spent money, and had visits and Zupa's dinner with mom and Brook and family.

Tuesday I went to work and got everything on my list fixed except my Blackberry, which still isn't working. Otherwise everything works! Today I also started drinking Naked Juice again and am in heaven.

Friday we hit Kohl's and Franco helped me move the heavy duty stuff. The house is in decent shape now; about 85% there.

Saturday I drove to work in a snowstorm to use the internet we are still lacking at home, in a snow storm. We also bought Dalton a big boy bed, coming Tuesday. We also had a nice family gathering. Today I'm in Chicago for the week teaching.

It already feels like we never left. It already feels like India is a million miles and a million years away. The body health for me is slowly returning, but the poor kids are battling the dry, cold weather with coughs and chapped lips.

Tomorrow Maggie starts Pre-school. We still need to get the car registered again and buy me a new car next week when I get home. I'm already getting solicited for new clients from the Irvine office to work on this busy season. I forsee a lot of travel in my future.

It's just good to be home. Even if home is cold.


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