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[Comments] (1) forgettable week: What a disaster. Flew to CA (Anaheim) for the week on Monday. Monday was ok. A lot of work going on. Tuesday got worse. By Wed I realized that I had no support above me or beneath me to complete this project. I was a manager being asked to play all roles, which meant forgoing sleep, food, and a good attitude in the process.

The nearest hotel EY would approve was 10 miles away, which is a big deal in LA. I also got pulled over for wreckless driving but the cop took one look at my UT license and let me off with a warning. He also asked me if I knew where I was going and instructed me to be more careful getting back on the freeway, because freeways are a new-fangled CA concept I couldn't possibly navigate. Still, no ticket was nice.

Thursday the team finally started showing support, but also required me to change my Friday flight to Saturday, due to said work overload. Meanwhile, as the team trotted off Friday night to a work party, the lone SLC-based professional burned the midnight oil. Friday night I was given more work, and Saturday saw my flight delayed. I finally got home around 2 pm. I was supposed to fly to Orlando at 8 am Sunday morning for training but I said hell no to that and am staying home. No one knows I'm playing hooky but I have a feeling I'll still have plenty of work show up in my Inbox come Monday to keep me busy. At least now I won't have to work all night after training and fighting more jet lag. And I'll actually get to see my family for a change, since it's back to LA the week after. It's the pits.

I think I'm ready to go back to India now.


Posted by Mom at Sun Dec 04 2011 17:40

Just caught up on your blogs. Great to read them. Glad you enjoyed the cabin. We enjoyed your drinks on Thanksgiving. They were also a hit with the Holbrook sibling party.


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