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the seventh day: Church was great today. I really enjoyed Elder's Quorum. We also attended the baptism of an elderly lady and a family with two teenage boys. The missionaries were all smiles today; I remember feeling happy on those days as well.

I got to be a witness for the baptisms, and I felt bad that they had to re-do the very last son twice. On the third time, another person performed the ordinance. I went and told the brother not to worry, that my first baptism took three times to get it right, and practice makes the technique perfect.

In Hong Kong we had the luxury of hot water, if the ward actually did their job and got the heater turned on in time. This happened about half the time, which is why I usually tried to pawn the actual baptism off on someone else. I don't do well in cold water. Here it's just always cold, and I felt bad for all of them. If they didn't pollute the streams here, that would be a much better option I would think. But I'm not sure how many people are fortunate enough to have hot water here, so maybe it's a moot point anyway.

Maggie witnessed with me, and made lots of comments about Tyler and Hannah's baptisms and how she'll get baptized, but first she'll turn seven and next she'll turn eight and then and only then. She asked me why these people were all older than eight so I explained it to her as well. Maggie loves church and asks thoughtful questions.

little ralphie: Susie is constantly telling the kids to stop their couch acrobatics. Fine, she says, when you fall and crack your head open, go cry to Daddy, she tells them. I'm not sure I've ever seen a head actually crack open. It must be a motherly thing, in the same vein as shooting one's eyes out. Hopefully Maggie and Dalton never want a Red Ryder beebee gun!


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