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[Comments] (1) doing it wrong: Today I had to play a solo piano performance in sacrament meeting. I also had to teach Elder's Quorum. I must have done well today, because I was asked to teach Sunday School next Sunday.

Every time someone makes a joke and everyone laughs at church, Dalton bursts into uproarious laughter. Dalton has also learned his alphabet thanks to some movie we borrowed from the Erickson's. Dalton gets us up every morning at 7 am, which is very annoying, especially because he's tired by 10, when it's time to go to work.

Maggie is happy because we bought a flashlight at the store. Her new favorite game is to play shadow puppets on the wall with her Handy Manny tools. We tried to buy batteries for the flashlight until we realized that the flashlight recharges by plugging into the wall. It wouldn't be useful on a camping trip, but the society here is very battery-averse we've discovered.

Work is very busy and, just like in the US, I find myself counting down the days until April 15. We also leave for Hong Kong on the 15th. I can't wait.

I've been watching Hey Dude re-runs on youtube in the evenings, which would excite Jodi and make Nathan cringe. I am also reading a travel booklet about places I'll never get to see in China. It's taught me lot about the formation of the states into India, why there are border disputes in the north, etc. I've learned a lot about this country and wish I could see more of it, but travel to many places is still tough, as the roads are not proper and the trains and buses are too slow with the kids. I would love to glance upon the Himalayas in Darjeeling or visit the caves on Elephant Island in Mumbai or possibly even safari in Rajastan with the camels, but oh well. We'll explore the South and enjoy the Kerala backwaters, the Goan beaches, and the hodge podges of Bangalore.

Maggie turns four in 10 days. I keep telling her she can't turn four, and will have to turn two, Mork style. She disagrees.


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