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[Comments] (6) living large: What did I do today at work? Let's see. I went to lunch at Sunny's with Ross, Alan, & Brad. I judged a cheerleading competition (in which my subarea won but I was very impartial). And I passed out bonus awards. Quite a day.

Firstly, the cheerleading competition. What a spectacle. One of the teams wanted to spray streamers and silly string. But since Silly String is not found here, they instead sprayed around shaving cream. Then another team was covered in some sort of talc. By the end the place smelled like a barber shop.

Then the awards. People hang them in their cubes here, which at first I thought was nice, until I realized the award amount is printed right on the award. I guess Indians are pro-salary transparency. Which also seems true because twice in Hampi complete strangers asked me my salary, which I refused to disclose.

Tomorrow is the big cricket match amongst the subareas. I'll be wearing white in support of my team--the West Vipers. It's alliteration because, much like Germany, India also mixes the v & w sounds.


Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 04 2011 07:51

So are you the West Wipers or the Vest Vipers? Haha.
I saw silly string on the counter at Daily Bread the other day.

Did you hear the tour guide when he told me it's ok for a guy to ask another guy his salary, but not for a woman to ask a man?

Posted by John at Fri Feb 04 2011 08:36

We are the Vest Vipers. Selective pronunciation at play.

Posted by Mom at Mon Feb 07 2011 21:03

Only in India would work be like that.

Posted by Jamie at Wed Feb 09 2011 22:12

Hey John....I'm commenting....tough work days, huh!?

Posted by John at Thu Feb 10 2011 06:57

Oh it never ends! Today the CEO's secretary came around making us play a game wherein whoever could keep a balloon in the air the longest without using their hands wins! And guess who is now the proud owner of an EY thermos cup? Me!

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 10 2011 21:55

You are a balloon-game master!


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