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[Comments] (1) validation: So today a big bru-ha-ha occurred at work. My driver Sandeep called me and wanted to chat at the food court. I feared the worst; he was gonna ask for a loan. No. He was no longer going to be our driver. Another lady at work complained about her driver so his company was going to switch us out. Sandeep was very upset about this. He called his manager and asked me to complain to them, which I was happy to do. If Sandeep wants to be my driver, then let him be my driver. He seriously was very upset about it. I really wondered if he liked us or was just being nice but apparently, he likes us! He is going to continue as our driver.

I was also informed this week that people are really digging my coaching skills. I know more than the past few coaches and I am more available than they were. That too was nice validation. They asked me to extend and I told them it was already a done deal.

It was crazy at work watching the Japan earthquake and tsunami unfold. I have always loved living coastal but I guess it's not without its problems. The craziest part was when CNN showed the footage of the whirlpool vortex the tsunami created, including the boat just sailing next to it! The people kept telling me how horrible the 2005 tsunami was in Chennai. After a few hours I guess India was tired of watching it, though, because they changed the channel back to Bollywood.

The missionaries are due here any minute for dinner of butter chicken, naan, and lemon bars. When they called me this morning they informed me we're actually attending the wrong branch and they had to get permission to come for dinner. We didn't know any better, though. We thought this was our branch. We're still deciding what to do about it.


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