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[Comments] (3) venti-nation: It's getting hot here. Luckily our small abode has four ceiling fans, a desk fan, and two A/C units. Good ventilation.

Bad venting. No matter how hard I try to escape high school, I just can't. I remember doing whatever it took to get invited to the cool table in high school at lunch. It worked out then, I somehow managed to grab a good seat with the in-crowd, though I was never quite as in with them as I wished. It's no different here. The US coaches occupy floor one of tower C. That includes two bosses, Ross & Alan (they are overlapping as one is going home in 3 months and the other has been here 2 months), and about 7 coaches, two that sit at our other office, me, a coach from the Netherlands, and the rest US coaches. I sit alone on my side of the building. They constantly blame this on the reason why I never get to have lunch with the rest of them. They forget I exist.

Well, today the other two coaches sat on my side when they came from the other office. They somehow still managed a lunch invite. And yet there I was, alone again.

Well, the hell with them. This isn't high school, I don't need their validation, and I can eat lunch at my desk and research Singapore or better yet, go home and eat lunch with my family.

We had a meeting today with the big boss and boy what a horse and pony show. I said three words the whole time. I don't care what the big boss thinks of me. I already got my extension approved. But boy were they vying for attention.

It's a good thing I enjoy helping my peeps so much because, otherwise, the job is the pits politically.


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