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[Comments] (3) venti-nation: It's getting hot here. Luckily our small abode has four ceiling fans, a desk fan, and two A/C units. Good ventilation.

Bad venting. No matter how hard I try to escape high school, I just can't. I remember doing whatever it took to get invited to the cool table in high school at lunch. It worked out then, I somehow managed to grab a good seat with the in-crowd, though I was never quite as in with them as I wished. It's no different here. The US coaches occupy floor one of tower C. That includes two bosses, Ross & Alan (they are overlapping as one is going home in 3 months and the other has been here 2 months), and about 7 coaches, two that sit at our other office, me, a coach from the Netherlands, and the rest US coaches. I sit alone on my side of the building. They constantly blame this on the reason why I never get to have lunch with the rest of them. They forget I exist.

Well, today the other two coaches sat on my side when they came from the other office. They somehow still managed a lunch invite. And yet there I was, alone again.

Well, the hell with them. This isn't high school, I don't need their validation, and I can eat lunch at my desk and research Singapore or better yet, go home and eat lunch with my family.

We had a meeting today with the big boss and boy what a horse and pony show. I said three words the whole time. I don't care what the big boss thinks of me. I already got my extension approved. But boy were they vying for attention.

It's a good thing I enjoy helping my peeps so much because, otherwise, the job is the pits politically.


Posted by Jamie at Mon Mar 14 2011 10:49

Crazy how all that silly stuff continues into adulthood and into the work place....and, John, you ARE the cool table!

Posted by John at Wed Mar 16 2011 09:49

Thanks Sissy! I formed my own cool table on Tuesday. Susie came and got me and we went to Sunny's for lunch, and I had a gourmet cheeseburger (ah red meat), Susie had asparagus pasta, and we had some swiss chocolate dessert concoction. The kids came too. Sometimes it's healthy to vent to people not involved in the situation. Thanks for listening!

Posted by anonymous at Thu Mar 17 2011 08:31

Oh, I agree with Jamie. Actually, life doesn't change much from what went on in Elementary School. Sometimes we just can't remember that far back.


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