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[Comments] (1) Holi cow: Today begins three days of government-sanctioned paint ball fights. Holi (more of a North India holiday but still celebrated here) gives the locals carte blanche to get drunk, throw paint on people, and not get arrested. I'm told by coworkers that in cities the likes of Mumbai people fill balloons with paint and throw them off the top of buildings at people. I'm also told that if you don't wash the paint off quickly, it sticks with you for weeks.

Our driver says we should stay indoors only, but most of my coworkers advise us to simply avoid downtown only. So tomorrow we are going to try and clothes shop. Maggie has like 3 shirts and pants only. I'm told on holi it's best to wear white with colorful accessories, including a turban. I don't have a turban, but would have loved the excuse to buy one. Unfortunately, the one day notice during busy season to go turban-shopping didn't materialize. This should be quite the festive romp!


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