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[Comments] (1) glass is empty: We've been here long enough that we've used up all the Dalton diapers, a full tube of toothpaste, conditioner (but not the shampoo, go figure), and body wash.

I've been thinking a lot about how my grandpa spent time in New Zealand growing up and comparing that to our little excursion. I think the comparison is apt because I feel like, if my pictures were black and white and not color, they would look the same as my grandpa's pictures do. Sometimes, looking at India, I feel like I'm experiencing the 60's...and have a feeling the crazy drug highs are not much different than living here. The trash, the clothing, the people sleeping on the sidewalk with a rock under their heads and no shoes, the electric poles, all remind me of how things look like in older neighborhoods back home.

Case in point: changing our flights home. I have a feeling that flight changes in the US can be done online or over the phone very quickly. In India, it involved about 20 hour-long phone calls, an extremely frustrated John & Susie, and finally, a trip downtown to the Air India ticket office, to officially pay the penalty, get the tickets printed, and FINALLY get on with our lives. What a bru-ha-ha. Air India kept saying Expedia had to change the tickets, Expedia insisted Air India do it, many disconnections, finally got Air India to do it, then they wouldn't change the Delta leg, Delta insisted Air India had to do it because they owned the flight, finally got Air India to do it in person. What a ruckus.

Getting the flights changed in person still took about two hours, including watching the employees use those old fashioned printers with the removable sides. Oddly enough, they did have flat screens. I was just surprised they even had computers period.

When work slows down, I fully intend to write some very detailed, angry emails to Expedia, Air India, my congressmen, and the Dalai Lama.


Posted by Mom at Mon Mar 21 2011 20:48

I wouldn't say the glass is half full. Good luck with the emails to your congressmen and the Dalai Lama.


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