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[Comments] (7) frantic soup: I was approved today to extend my international assignment! Until when, you may ask? Until I'm done, or so I'm told. How do I extend? However I want. It sounds quite open ended. But most likely we will extend until the first week of November, as that is when our visas expire, and I'm not going through THAT again. Now we can better advise our travel companions as well as more seriously look into spending our 8th anniversary in Thailand!

Visitors include Susie's cousins Kristin and Laura, who are coming in June, and my old mission companion Shaun, who is coming this summer so we can travel together to places I wouldn't take the family. Shaun's Christmas present from his parents is this trip to see us. Both will, of course, be expected to bring us a list of supplies.



Posted by Rachel at Thu Mar 03 2011 02:55

Great news! I wish I could come visit again. But when are you coming to the UK? On your way home?

Posted by anonymous at Fri Mar 04 2011 07:23

Oh no, send the kids home for a week. I miss them so.

Posted by Jamie at Fri Mar 04 2011 11:24

Hmmmm....good for you guys, but sad for us. We'll try to survive though :)

Posted by John at Fri Mar 04 2011 20:54

But this gives everyone more time to visit! Rachel, we're still working through logistics of how to change our plane ticket. We'll let you know what materializes. UK in November was never my dream time to visit, but what can you do?

Posted by Rachel at Sat Mar 05 2011 04:43

well, you could come in summer instead! :)

Posted by Jamie at Sun Mar 06 2011 09:05

let's see mortgage, bills, no 'real' job right now....not looking promising to pay for a trip to India :( I'll just oooh and ahhhh at your photos!

Posted by Mom at Mon Mar 07 2011 15:46

Can't leave Dad so I'll ooh and ahh at photos too.


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