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summer nights: It's officially summer here, hot hot hot. Though to be fair it's really less hot than UT in the summer. The odd thing is that the day starts off dreadfully hot but seems to get cooler in the afternoon thanks to some cloud cover, and is very delightful in the evenings. We only have A/C in the bedrooms but they work much better than the A/C back home. The great thing about where we live is the place is packed with kids. Evening constitutionals are nice because there are always people on bikes, in the pool, playing cricket.

Speaking of cricket, it's the cricket world cup. It's been a lot of work keeping up between the NCAA and the cricket matches. It's also tough to get work out of people when a match is on, which is almost everyday, and the matches last ALL day. I personally find the game more boring than baseball; fishing too. Who knew that was possible?

I've worked every weekend for about two months now and I'm exhausted. I even worked an extra 90 minutes longer than I said I would last Saturday. But one of the big projects ends this week so I've decided I'm taking this weekend off to hit Commercial Street, the shopping street. We've been here four months now and I've still never been there. I need some Indian clothes to match my family. We had Dalton wear Indian clothes to church today and he was the belle of the ball (even more so than usual). I also want to buy some sort of Ganesh statue.

One of our members is from Ivory Coast and needs to practice his english. So I pulled him out of EQ and we had our own EQ and read some information about Joseph Smith and discussed it. He's a new member with lots of questions. I'm trying really hard to not speak Indian english at him so he'll learn proper. It's tough.

Saturday we tried a new restaurant at the request of a coworker. It's called Toit and it does brick-oven pizzas, which Susie had. I had a light olive oil pasta with cheese, basil, and roasted cashews. It was amazing! I normally avoid pasta because the white and red sauce is so heavy; I'm personally a fan of pasta that is merely cooked in olive oil with a nice vegetable to supplement the flavor. I'm already craving the place again, and it was only $20. My meal reminded me of Thanksgiving Point but only 1/3 the price.

I feel like we are finally hitting our real stride here, and am glad we will stay long enough to enjoy it.

Nineteen days until we rock the Kong!


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