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[Comments] (2) what would Ghandi do?: Hmm, to anniversary in Thailand, at a resort that lets you swim with a baby elephant and takes you scuba diving and has three pools, or to celebrate in Singapore with the world's tallest ferris wheel, a zoo, a rooftop pool 60 floors up, and pink dolphins? However will we decide?

[Comments] (2) richard simmons: I have used the gym here in the apartment complex, which consists of two treadmills, a bike, free weights, and some sort of weight machine apparatus. There are ceiling fans but no A/C. I am the only person who wears shorts; everyone else is in sweat pants. The gents tend to wear polo shirts while the females tend to wear Indian long-sleeved shirts. And yet if I have the joint to myself and in they trot, they invariably complain it's too cold and turn off the ceiling fans.

I am also the only one who runs on the treadmill. Everyone else walks. I don't understand why, if they want to walk, they don't simply go for a stroll. But that's just not the way. Last night as I was running the power went out, as it often does. Boy was that a scary incident. It went pitch black, being night and all, and I nearly tripped over myself. Maybe that's why they don't run on treadmills here.


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