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an american in asia: In the next 24 hours I will leave India, peruse Malaysia, and reach my goal of finally revisiting the mish. I'm very excited to rock the Kong.

Today many coworkers seemed disappointed that I am leaving India. They prefer me to vacation in their country. Well. If the entire country feels that way, then perhaps they should put some sort of infrastructure in place to do so. It is oftentimes cheaper and easier to travel outside of India than inside. Most of India's international and domestic airports are miles apart, the roads are not proper for driving on, and the fees for foreigners to enjoy the country are outrageous. We looked into a Himalayan tour and it takes days to get there, even though I can make it all the way to China in 8 hours. Also, visiting other parts of India isn't that exciting, unless you go somewhere diverse. It's the same in the US. Travelling from SLC to Denver would not be a fun journey; there is nothing completely unique between the two. But going from LA to NYC would provide differences that would be worth it. But as mentioned above, the long journeys require a mix of plane, train, and automobile to get there, which is hard to do with luggage and kids. The food is difficult anywhere here.

Things I'm glad to leave behind for a few days include power outages, waiting forever for the elevators because people push the wrong buttons here (if the elevator is on floor one and they are on the ground floor, they push the down button to call the elevator down to them rather than the up button to ultimately go up, and it's starting to chap my hide), constantly getting pushed around because no one can queue properly here (been chapping my hide for weeks now), and the constant food indigestion. Hopefully when I come back to these things I'll be happier about the challenges and see them as an adventure.

One thing I won't leave behind in Hong Kong is dickering on the price of everything, and getting ripped off.

I found out this week another coach is coming in July to help me out. I'm glad for the help, especially since I can go to Thailand and Dubai in peace and we can share the weekend/late night work.

Our driver is very curious about the Kong. I promised to get him something, and he wants to see pictures. We are really really really blessed to have the opportunity not only to see India, but also to see these other Asia cities also. I hope I can always feel the gratitude.

[Comments] (1) which one a you pick?: The title is a favorite saying of Maggie's. There are signs on the back of all the autos here that say Lose/Gain weight followed by a phone number. I'm not sure how a gymnasium of sorts sells itself on doing both of these things. But I think I may have the solution.

I gained a lot of weight from December to February here. I was always too tired to work out and ate a lot of comfort food to cope with the constant burning tongue and indigestion. But my pants were paining me, in layman's terms, and I refused to buy new pants here because nothing from here is going home with me anyway since my clothes are all getting ruined. So in March, despite, busy season, I put myself on a diet of sorts and a workout regiment. Said regiment included working out in our apartment gym, which has no A/C. So the sweat flows rather freely. I'm feeling good in my pants again, better than ever, even. I guess it is possible to lose/gain weight.

break on through to the other side: I should also note that we are blessed here as well. We have each other, and we have Chili's. We also have a driver. Some of our rotators in the US are struggling because of the food there if they are vegetarian, and also since they all go to different offices, some of them are lonely.

I also have a lot of coworkers that don't go on rotation. Even though they are college graduates, they live at home and their parents won't let them go. Having moved out of the house at 17, the concept of a 24 year-old intellectual being dictated to like that, when it really is an excellent career opportunity, is hard for me to understand. I'm also blessed to be able to make my own decisions.

Last blessing was last Sunday. I have the church here. We watched four hours of conference at church. It was fab. A/C was cranked up, the lights were off, we listened to the prophet, while the single men played with the kids. It sure beat watching conference at home, in the heat, huddled around the computer, without free babysitting!


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