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[Comments] (1) sans Winnie the Pooh: Today we hit Ocean Park. It's only 10 minutes from our hotel, once you pass through the tunnel from the harbour side of the island to the back side of the island. We also passed by a really cool cemetery on the way, just carved out of the mountain.

Ocean Park has it all: a gondola ride over the mountain to the ocean, a carousel that Dalton made us ride 4 times, panda bears, both regular and red, two aquariums, a jellyfish mad house with flourescent lighting and mirrors, roller coasters, a ferris wheel, McDonald's, a singing fountain, a parade, and a rotating view tower. We had so much fun!

As we waited in line for the gondola for around 30 or so minutes, a family from Kansas was in front of us. My first impression, to be honest, was that this father, mother, and five daughters were from Colorado City, or possibly refugees from Warren Jeff's clan. The girls were all in polygamist dresses, but the mother was wearing what appeared to be a nun's cap. They weren't wearing sneakers with the dresses, however, so they couldn't be polygamists. They have been living in China for 3 years as humanitarian aid providers of some sort and, like us, were in dire need of a vacation somewhere that feels like home. We had a nice chat with them.

Ocean Park also had seals and for $25HK, or $3.50US, Maggie got to feed them! It's amazing how I saw the sign for $25 and thought that was a decent price in USD but that was HKD, so it was a steal! I thought Maggie would chicken out and not go through with touching a dead fish, but she did it!

Dalton, of course, made tons of friends, and currently has had more pictures taken with him and middle-aged women than Justin Bieber now has. He's so popular, especially with the mainland China visitors, which is rough, because I can't speak with them.

Before we left the park, Maggie informed me we had not gone on Winnie the Pooh ride yet. I tried to tell her Disney is not until Friday and this is a different park. Spoiled girl; two parks in the same week.

Because we have thoroughly exhausted the kids that last two days, tomorrow they can sleep in while I head to the morning session at the temple. Then in the afternoon we'll hit the peak.

The weather today was awesome; overcast, light breeze, with just a touch too much humidity.

Just being here for 3 days makes me already dread going back to India. I don't know how my coworker could go home last summer for 3 months; I don't think I'd have the willpower to get back on that plane! And it's not that India is bad; it's just the smallest tasks leave me exhausted and frustrated, and I still don't like the food. My job there is great and we've been able to save money and spend more time as a family. I guess we all need reality breaks now and again.


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