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[Comments] (1) feels like home: We finally hit Disney yesterday, with some absolutely fabulous weather. The sun was out but so was the breeze. This is a mini-Disney, which includes a full Tomorrowland, a half-Fantasyland, and a half Adventure land only. It was enough for a full day; we saw all the shows and only missed two rides, because we just don't like Autopia enough to wait 60 minutes and Stitch's Encounter seemed too scary for the kids and was in Mandarin when we were there. The pictures will stand for themselves, once Susie posts them, so I'll stick to a few points of interest:

1. I was finally homesick. Being in Disneyland almost made me think I was in Anaheim sometimes. Sharing the park with Asians certainly didn't make a difference.

2. Everyone was super nice there. Susie always had a seat on the subway with the kids. The little things like this were not things I saw as a missionary. I was an annoyance to people then so I saw the less kind and considerate side of people. Being here as a father and non-preacher, I've seen another side of people here that is very nice.

3. We had to take 3 subways to get here. The third one is a dedicated Disney subway with plush seats, statues of the characters, and Mickey-shaped windows. I felt like I was on a Disney cruise!

4. Maggie was not scared of any rides! Every ride was a do-over for her. She and Dalton didn't cry! She later told me "I think this Disneyland has no scary rides, dad."

5. They built this newer park with the mistakes of past parks in mind. For example, a lot more queues are in the shade or indoors with A/C, the pathways are all wheelchair accessible, etc.

6. The only problem we had with queueing came in the form of the Mainland Chinese people. I'm going to assume that the British browbeat queueing into the Hong Kong natives. This means that there are over 3 billion people in India and China that have no idea what a line is for. That scares me. One lady I seriously wanted to hit, she was being so rude and I was by myself in line with the kids while Susie rode Space Mountain. I finally had to let some elbow fly to get the point across that she was being absolutely rude for no good reason whatsoever.

7. Many of the rides have subtle changes to them here. Winnie the Pooh, the Jungle Cruise, Small World, all had nice Chinese or otherwise changes that were fun.

8. I was surprised that the shows are all in English. They have 3 separate queues for the Jungle Cruise, for English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and have different windows of time for the Stitch ride. I really expected for Cantonese. I guess English always wins because it would be improper to pick Cantonese or Mandarin so they default to English. India is the same way. Too many states will fight a national Hindi language as unfair to the Tamils, Keralans, etc so we end up with English most often.

9. We saw the missionaries on the way home last night. I got about half of my questions answered before they had to head home. I wish I had seen more of them.

10. Today we're letting the kids sleep in. Dalton just woke about about 9 am so just waiting for Maggie now before we have another exciting day!


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