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stupendous saturday: Today we hit the temple. Or tried to. We found it. Does that count? It was closed for Good Friday, as was the mission home, as was the distribution center, which is hardly ever open to begin with. So frustrating. What better day to do temple work than on Good Friday? On the plus side, it saved me from watching two kids alone in the Kowloon Tong mall for two plus hours.

I never remember Good Friday is a holiday because my own self-proclaimed Christian nation doesn't mandate my corporation give me the day off. But it is a holiday here, as it also is in India. Go figure.

We did catch some missionaries and they let us in to see the new mission offices. We looked at the mission president wall of fame and Susie read all about the Ong's, who were president after my reign and who are friends and possibly enemies of Roy and Frances. I chatted with the missionaries for a while until the kids were screaming too loudly so we excused ourselves. There is a park next door to the Mission Home and the kids were begging so we obliged. Since parks in India contain little more than dirt and dangerous metal equipment, it seemed like we couldn't leave without letting the kids play in an actual park with actual playground equipment.

Apparently the temple is closed tomorrow as well. What holiday is tomorrow?

We hit Sha Tin today, one of my areas. Attractions included Snoopy World (which, 10 years later, actually includes rides and stuff!) and the Hong Kong History Museum, which is also running a "25 years of Pixar" exhibit. The place was packed. Once again, even without trying, we hit Disneyland again, since they had life-sized Sully and Mike dolls, and larger than life sized Woody, Buzz, and Pizza Planet alien creatures.


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