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[Comments] (2) survey says: We made it home safe, sound, with all our luggage, and on time. Thanks Malaysia Air! We were lucky enough that Easter Sunday was a beautiful Hong Kong day and we were able to play at Victoria Park before we left. Also, next to our terminal and gate was a children's play place. An added bonus was that both of our planes gave us personal TVs, so Dalton and I watched The Simpsons, and I watched my first Glee episode. I didn't like it; too smutty. But a lot of it was accurate. I still don't recall why I liked high school, but for some reason I parted on good terms. I also re-watched HP 7 Part I. It really helped pass the time. Now it's back to life as usual.

I've allowed myself to get into a rather heated debate on facebook with my nephew. I'm mad for allowing myself to get sucked in; I'm normally able to abstain when no one else can. But this time he ruffled my feathers and I responded in a very strong tone.

I've thought about some things I wrote (basically told the young lad to grow up and realize that most 16 year-old debate stars do not, in fact, know everything). He bases a lot of what he believes on what other people tell him. We all do. But I still think the superior way to experience life is first hand. Unfortunately that's not always possible.

But think about it. Is there any way to really comprehend what a pineapple tastes like second hand? How about the feel of an ocean breeze? The experience of an airplane ride? Marriage? Parenthood? You can read about these things, ask thoughtful questions, but you'll never really "get" it until you can try it for yourself. And isn't that the point of life? I think we would be all well-served to rely less on wikipedia and our favorite blogs of complete strangers and more on actual life outside the computer screen. And being in India does not automatically make life experiences happen. I still have to choose to leave the comfort of my home to roam about. As such, I'm signing off.


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