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[Comments] (1) 1:11 of fame: So yesterday was the West team outing. I opted to have my driver take me and my family rather than take the 6:30 shuttle bus from the office. I still got a wake-up call at 7:30 asking where I was. I think they were nervous I would ditch.

The resort was very nice and very clean. I played Table Tennis for a while. Even though I stink, none of them were very good either. I still stunk, but was only marginally worse than them. My strong point is I serve better than they do. I learned to play in the Kong, where the kids play much better than here. Susie had no idea where I learned.

They had four swimming pools. The family pool, ladies pool, toddler's pool, and children's pool. I'm not sure why the woman always get their own pool; it's not private, as in the men can still view the women's pool. But it's the same at immigration and security here; different lines for men and women. Also, the toddler pool had a waterfall named Niagara Falls. Why a waterfall in a kid's pool I don't know.

Actually a lot of stuff is named after the US. They had a suite called the white house that was much smaller than the original. They had these fun bungalows. They also had an A/C room that I had to hide out in for a while. It was hot yesterday.

I danced. I went whole hog because I figured, I might as well have fun looking stupid. I was video taped by about 20 different people, including my own wife, who was a judge. My team won, and Maggie was pleased that, during my "crowd time" I came by to high 5 her.

I also won a Dundie! For best coach in the West (I'm the only coach in the west). My Dundie didn't come with a 1,000 rupee prize like the others, but that's ok. The $20 goes farther for the others anyway.

A lot of people had a huge bad attitude about dancing, faked sick at the last minute, etc. It was pathetic, and I saw right through all of it. I guess they are still young and care about impressions. I'm old and this isn't my culture, so no one expected me to dance Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, or Kannada well. But still. Sometimes life is about doing stuff we don't want to. Suck it up, guys.

Lastly was the fishy discoteque. Words can't describe. It was inside a fish, was dark, noisy, and apparently consisted of two dance floors. Seriously. The guys dance together and the girls dance together. Maggie came on the guy side with me for our obligatory 5-minute cameo, and then we left. Susie wouldn't let Dalton experience the loud music.

It was hot yesterday and the dancing was hard in the heat. And people here don't like chilled water so that never helps matters. But it was a nice day. Since our maid called in sick with a paining head, we hit Pizza Hut on the way home.


Posted by Mom at Sat Apr 30 2011 16:05

The video of you dancing was great. You did as good as the others.


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