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mixed emoticons: So today started off horribly. Despite Dalton's teething keeping him up last night, he still got me up before 7, which is too early on a weekend. Then I decided I deserved a pedicure for surviving busy season and to pamper my feet before our trip to China. Bad mistake.

It was hot today and I was already sweating when I got there. I guess I don't know what a pedicure is, because I thought it was a foot massage, but apparently it starts by clipping your toe nails so short you can't even see them anymore, continues by pushing your cuticles down so far you bleed and scream in pain, and ends with yellow goop being placed on your feet for 10+ minutes when you are so ready to go home and move on with your life.

The nice part is that the aroma therapy they used smelled like Froot Loops, and I got to read the Indian paper, which was quite entertaining. But seriously. Fifteen dollars and my feet still hurt! I sure hope my toenails grow back before our trip. I'm going to continue giving myself pedicures from now on.

Today we went to the Leela Palace Hotel for lunch and to let the kids play on actual grass that doesn't have a sign telling you to keep off! That was just ok.

But I finished the night at church watching Priesthood Session of conference. We were small in numbers, I think 13 in total, but it was nice. I think they were shocked I came since none of the other expat families showed up. I really liked the talk by President Monson. I'm glad that he chose to not talk about the evils of gay marriage and instead focused on the evils of temple sealing cancellations, because, hey, that's something the Mormons can actually do something about. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Tomorrow we'll be watching 4 hours of conference with our fellow saints. We could just watch at home, it would be easier, but I've never lived somewhere that people congregate to watch conference, and I want to be there for my peeps.

We leave for Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong in 6 days!


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