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[Comments] (2) three cheers for bollywood: We are all still sick, and have no idea what it is. Sometimes it seems like allergies; other times it seems like a cold; other times it feels like a gremlin is poking around in my body. But today (fingers double crossed) I feel at least like a human being again. All that remains of the sore throat, watery eyes, dry cough, stuffy nose, plugged ears, and headache is the latter. I'd rather have any other symptom linger than the pounding in my head, but at least we're down to one. My apatite has been huge during this drama; I guess it takes a lot to kill a bug. Maggie told me her nose isn't sick anymore but now her eyes are sick. It's going through all of us and will hopefully be over soon. Yesterday I thought I would never feel well again.

But it's Saturday and I was stir-crazy so I took Maggie to a movie, since we are the least sick. I noticed in my vegetative state on the sofa this morning watching Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone 2, and Ice Age that a movie apparently takes my mind off all the sickness in ways books and naps won't. Thanks random India movie channel!

So off we went to Rio. This was our first Bangalore movie. Another expat Mormon here warned us to take sheets to the theater to put on our chairs to avoid the lice. But since the theater we were going to had online booking, I think it caters to a different crowd and did not worry about lice. Of course it took us 30 minutes to get there and another 10 to find the theater in the zoo they call a mall. By that time we had about 20 minutes to showtime, which the queue for tickets and popcorn took up. The queue was a joke, cuz people here are notorious for cutting in line, and the snack bar was hard to navigate. They have two popcorn sizes, including large, which appears to be a cup filled with popcorn for 75 rupees, or a bucket size, which is four times the size of the so-called large and costs 125 rupees. We went for the bucket. They also sell masala popcorn, caramel, and one other scary kind but we stuck with salty. I was hoping against hope to see some Red Vines or Jujifruits but instead they had samosas and egg chutney sandwiches in their place.

After this queue we entered another queue to get our 100-rupee deposit 3D glasses. More on this later. Then AFTER that queue we found a donut and ice cream sandwich stand! Gimme a break. Had I known those options existed, we would not have eaten popcorn for lunch. Next time.

I don't understand 3D movies. The movie is hardly 3D and is not worth the effort of wearing two sets of glasses to watch it with. I prefer non-3D but this was the only choice.

The movie was fun, but they cut it off half-way through. Apparently it was intermission, as I guess the birds needed potty breaks and make-up reapplied. But they didn't SAY it was intermission so I was wondering if perhaps the power went out. People were leaving and Maggie did have to use the bathroom so it all worked out I guess. The bathroom was a reformed club bathroom, complete with fluorescent blue and red lighting that hurt my eyes worse than the 3D movie. Back in the theater, the intermission show was put on by the Bangalore traffic commission. It showed some rather gruesome footage of two-wheelers and autos being torn apart by buses, etc. I guess we all need to be safer, especially since helmets and seat belts don't exist on these vehicles. Ten minutes later the show was back on.

All the commercials and previews have to be approved by some government body, just like in the US. But instead of a green screen notifying me the preview is rated G, they flash some scanned document that makes you think you are scanning police reports or something.

After the movie we found a little candy store that sold M&M's and Skittles! What a find, though quite expensive. I used my 3D glasses deposit monies to buy some for Dalton, since he was deemed too sick to come to the movie.

It was a nice Daddy-daughter afternoon.


Posted by Mom at Sun May 15 2011 10:57

So sorry you are all sick. That much work to go to a movie when not feeling the best would have made me sick again. Your experience makes me glad we have Netflix--thanks to my kids.

Posted by Susie at Sun May 15 2011 22:01

Maybe you were supposed to wear the 3D glasses in the bathroom.


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