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[Comments] (1) take 5: The organ was broken yesterday so I got a break and we got to sing a capella at church. Some of the better informed members have been begging the youth to leave it alone, since they don't know how to play. But the parents don't enforce it, so horseplay they do. I'm not surprised it's broken.

They don't enforce a lot of things here. I spent the day with Dalton in Nursery and a few of the kids there were supposed to be in Primary. They won't go, I'm told. They like Nursery. Well. Perhaps if the parents were in charge and not the kids, they would go where they are supposed to without any alternative made available to them. Just sayin'. An inch today becomes a mile when they are a teenager.

It was a nice weekend. We took the kids to MonkeyMaze on Saturday and had the joint to ourselves. Then we went for lunch at Toit. Yesterday was church and then we went swimming. It was a lazy weekend before our lazy trip to Goa this weekend.

Now that we are all finally recovered from our illness, I like living in India again. Sometimes I like it more than home, mainly because I live close to the office, the work I do is rewarding and less stressful than in the US, and I get more time with my family, what with no commute, a less stressful job, and no yardwork. I never get road rage because I don't drive. I think I would stay even longer if they let me.


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