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those who can't do, write: I read a lot of articles before I came to India about how India and/or China are the next superpowers and the US will become number two in terms of GDP, etc. After living here for six months, I think the people posturing such positions have never been to India/China.

When it takes 30 minutes to drive 5 miles, when the power is out so long the generator cuts out, two days in a row, all because of a thunderstorm, when grown adults aren't allowed to make grown adult decisions, I think it's fair to say the infrastructure is not yet laid for total world domination. Is the potential there? Sure. But the reality of it all is still 50 years away.

I asked our driver Sandeep if there is anything interesting in Goa besides the beach to visit. He told me about all these temples. I am so templed out. I tried to inquire about other things, but the conversation inevitably turned back to temples. I guess now I know to tread softly when pushing temple square to visitors of my hood. When you can't go inside, when they all look the same, when you feel like you are intruding on someone's communion with the Gods, when you wonder if it's ok to take a picture, it loses some of its charm. Lesson learned.


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