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the other side of heaven: The Goan highlights:

1. Flying during the day for a change.

2. Discovering the Australian store Cookie Man at the airport, which had amazing chocolate chip cookies. We bought a gross and enjoyed them the whole trip. Worth buying airplane tickets just for that!

3. Kingfisher flight. The flight was so Byzantine and anti-India. They served the entire plane a drink before take off and an entire meal in the 45 minutes we were in the air. Amazing! Now if the rest of India can follow suit.

4. The day consisted of private beach every morning. I normally opted to stay back and lounge on the most comfortable chairs ever with umbrellas while one kid played next to me in the sand. I did finally go out to the water with Maggie and we went really far out. The water was warm, the beach was long and shallow, and the waves were not rough.

5. The afternoon was the pool. It is India's largest pool. It is really like five different pools connected by water slides. The water slides were pretty lame but oh well. The pool was heated, not necessary in May, but still nice.

6. Late afternoon Dalton took a nap, Maggie went to kid's club, I hit the gym and wandered the grounds. I seriously felt like I was in Tonga and not India. A clean, beautiful patch of heaven. It was a nice change.

7. At night we would fill the step down tub, which took about 25 minutes, but was fun for the kids. And for us. It reminded me of the SLC Hilton, where Jodi and I would swim in the huge tub during FBLA competitions. But this tub was even bigger.

8. Meal time was normally Italian, because it came with free bread sticks, and was not laced with peppercorns like the fake Italian in Bangalore. The food was pretty good and the service was really good.

A very relaxing four days, but Maggie was the biggest fan of Goa. She says next time we are going for 14 days.


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