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paternal instincts: I am teaching the training to our people who have completed roughly one year of service with the firm. Yesterday they were assigned a case study to work on for one hour. I asked and asked and asked who needed help with the case study but no one was biting. Later I walked around to see how things were going, only to see people emailing and IM'ing the case study to each other. Sure enough, when I started getting memos from people, many of them had the exact same wrong answers, in the exact same font, with the exact same words misspelled. I was really disappointed in them.

Being new to the training program, I was bewildered by this. I have no idea if this takes place in the US; it probably does to some degree. But I've also been told that the University education system here is quite corrupt so they learned these bad skills there. It's really sad. It becomes very clear in training who cares about their career and who doesn't.

The rains have led to interesting weather. Tonight Susie and I took a constitutional, and it was windy and cold! It felt like a crisp, October evening back home, and we both wanted a jacket. I would never have expected such weather, in June, in the tropics! I think my body is thoroughly confused about the seasons living in India.

Tonight Maggie wouldn't stop talking about camping. She has decided that tomorrow we are going camping for a long day. Too bad I'll be at work. I wonder how Susie will make a pup tent here in the apartment. People live in them outside but I don't think that is the kind of camping Maggie has in mind. Thanks to Shaun, we at least have a bag of marshmellow that can be roasted over the stove!


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