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[Comments] (1) the view: My personal observations of Facebook and contradictions in my own life. I have been so tired lately. Nothing seems to help. So last night I forced myself to work out. You know what? I feel less tired today and got up with the kids at 7. I don't understand it, but I guess I'll keep forcing myself to hit the gym.

A lot of pregnant women are UPSET because their babies came on time instead of early. I don't get this either. Firstly, isn't it better for the baby to keep cooking? What else in life do we get upset about if it comes on time? Do we get mad at planes that leave on time instead of early? What about TV shows? Monday Mornings? It seems ludicrous to me to wish for such things.

A lot of blogs I follow lately have been talking about money. The universal conversation point. One friend says she just has to get a job because they can't live off her husband's lawyer salary, even though they have no kids and live in her parent's basement. Many other in this vein. I'm having a really hard time understanding how my parent's raised 5 kids on a school teacher's salary. And we had a home, food on the table, the occasional trip to Disneyland, etc. Has the world changed that much? I normally want for nothing so I really don't know what to think.

My brother just got a new jeep. I need a new car when I go home. Maybe I should get a jeep.

A lot of conservatives are complaining about their health insurance. I'm pleased to see people from both political spectrums see a broken system in place. Name one other service in the world where you would use that service without getting a price quote in advance?

There seems to be a disproportionate number of deaths in India over at home. This last week both our maid and driver needed time off for a funeral. It must be difficult.

Summer is starting in the US. Here, it's ending. School is back in session, and the days are growing colder. My coworker told me I would not need jeans or long sleeves here, but I brought some anyway. I'm glad I did. It's long-sleeve weather today. I never expected this kind of weather in the Tropics!

I can't remember the last time someone in my family emailed me or called us. I suppose I'm not surprised that we are not missed; we are the lame ones in the family. I also haven't reached out to anyone myself, other than constantly posting pictures on our picture blog. But I thought my cute kids would keep em coming. I guess cabin season explains why mom and dad have not contacted us in weeks.


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