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[Comments] (6) my side of the story: My nephew plays the part of a troll on FB a lot. We'll call him Jean Valjean, because that's not his name. His latest rant is that it should be illegal for parents to force their kids to go to church.

Right. Firstly, I doubt anyone holds a gun to their kids' head to go to church. Secondly, they probably tell their kid it's fine to skip church, but they are denying them a cell phone if they choose that path. Maybe that's the equivalent to holding a gun to their head. Who knows. Thirdly, parents are often required force their kids to do stuff. I forced Maggie to take all her Malaria pills after our Goa trip, even though she didn't want to. Should that be illegal? After all, I place just as much importance on Maggie learning about Jesus Christ as I do about her not contracting malaria.

Yet again, the parents with all the answers are the ones that don't have kids. Or in this case, are kids.


Posted by Mom at Tue Jun 28 2011 07:39

Do they ever call it an EKG there? Your blogs are the only times I've even heard ECG. But I'm not up on medical terms.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 28 2011 09:48

Both acronyms are correct. If anything, ECG would be more correct in English, because the K comes from the German - elektrokardiogramm.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jun 30 2011 08:30

Hope you're feeling better!

I don't know about whether it should be *illegal* for parents to make their kids go to whatever religious service, but I can see both sides of the issue. In general I think older children should get chances to fairly evaluate their beliefs and ritual practices, including comparing their family's practices against those of competing communities. But there are, for many children and families, more pressing concerns or bottlenecks -- like parents who just don't listen to their kids at all, or kids who are just brats -- so it's not like I'm telling anyone THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.

Posted by anonymous at Thu Jun 30 2011 09:15

Gotta love the 'troll' and his 'sidekick' and the things they post....amazing how they know everything at their age!

Posted by John at Sat Jul 02 2011 05:43

Sumana: I agree with you. I think it's fine for kids, at a certain ages, to make choices for themselves. One of my coworkers, who no longer affiliates with the LDS church, told his parents at age 14 "If Joseph Smith was old enough to start a church at this age I'm old enough to quit it at this age."

But I also think it's ok for parents to set rules. So if parents think church is important, it's fine to say "You can skip church. In the meantime, here's your list of chores to do while we are at church" or some such notion.

I miss being a teenager. It was nice to be so sure of everything.

Posted by Jamie at Sat Jul 02 2011 17:19

ooops, I just realized my post said 'anonymous'...sorry that was me :)


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