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[Comments] (1) when it rains, she snores: The monsoon has arrived! We are loving it. The rain on the plain (or the Deccan plateau) isn't that bad, but man this place cooled down like 15 degrees overnight!

Shaun arrived on TH night, packing extremely light. He didn't take my advice to avoid Air India, avoid all airports other than Bangalore, and to ignore anything an Indian travel agent says. As such, his luggage is stuck in Delhi. This coulda happended to us. We, like Shaun, were assured our luggage was checked through to Bangalore, even though we had to clear customs and immigration in Dehli. We didn't believe them, on the advice of a coworker, and had to uncheck and recheck our luggage. It made it with us to Bangalore. Shaun relied on the kindness of strangers and lost. Rather than putting the luggage on the next available plane, the luggage is spending the weekend in Delhi, for reasons not known. So, faithful readers (ie Susie, who already knows about this), you've been warned.

Yesterday we visited City Market. It was the most disgusting experience I've had in India. They have a car garage, go figure, but there were cows urinating down there and it smelled like a latrine. I wouldn't let Maggie walk. We stayed just long enough to buy some kum kum powder as a wedding gift for Susie's cousin and left for UB City, where I had Spaghetti and Meatballs. UB City has Louis Vitton, Lladro, and Apple Store, Bang & Olufsen, etc. Stuff even I can't afford. We went from rags to riches in 2.3 km.

Maggie accompanied Shaun & I yesterday and seemed to have a good time, probably because she had a green apple shake for lunch and a chocolate dipped ice cream cone from McD's as an afternoon snack.

Speaking of raining and pouring, it's happening at work too. It's been years since I've had a performance bonus but, within the last month, I've had two with the promise of another one on it's way! It's nice to feel appreciated more than anything, but also nice to add to the travel stash!


Posted by Mom at Sat Jun 04 2011 17:43

Poor Shaun.


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