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[Comments] (1) best kept secret: The monsoon is India's best kept secret. We were in Goa last week to miss the monsoon and had to sweat it out in the sun. Now I'm here with Shaun in the monsoon and it's a lot cooler and only rained for an hour on our way flying in. Totally worth a little rain for cooler temps. I guess you aren't supposed to go in the water during monsoon though.

We flew in, checked into the Taj in Panaji (hello 5-star hotel at 3-star prices due to low season). We enjoyed the room with some room service. Then this evening we walked about an hour to the Mandovi river boats and went on a sunset cruise out to sea and back. It was nice and the weater was great. Then we walked home and ignored the shouts of "Friend! Taxi!" from the locals.

Dinner was Risotto for me and steak for Shaun. The risotto was amazing and came with real garlic bread (as opposed to India garlic bread where the garlic is huge clove chunks)! And the meal was only 1,000 rupees for two great meals.

The only wierd thing is there is a window from the bathroom into the bedroom. It has a blind and it will forever stay closed. I can't imagine having it open for any reason with anybody. So far the trip is off to a fun start.


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