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[Comments] (3) just kidding: Today has been quite the day; I haven't felt like this since I was 10! It started with Maggie hiding from me this morning, continued with siblings fighting over who loves me more on Facebook, went on to a video chat with mom and dad, and culminated at work.

Firstly a decision was made to call a tax meeting at noon. It wasn't really a tax meeting but was a birthday party for me. Then an email went out this morning asking everyone to pretend it was not my birthday and pretend they forgot until the party. Unfortunately I was copied on the email...lol...but played along.

In India the custom for a BD is to treat your friends, the opposite of my preferred homeland style. But to fit in, Susie and Kannagi baked 130 cookies for me to bring to work. So around 11 I started passing them out. I guess that ruined the "pretend it's not John's BD" so they decided right then and there to move the tax meeting to immediately.

In the meeting they said I was to do the training, ie were teasing me. I tried to play along and act like I didn't know I was conducting training today, etc until they started singing Happy Birthday to me. I have no idea how good my acting is.

I was given a gift of a beautiful Indian outfit that is much much nicer than the one I picked out for myself, flowers, and a crown. There I was, dressed to the nines, wearing a tiara, holding a bouquet of flowers, people clapping, I felt like Miss America. Then it was my turn to perform, so I sang Lady Gaga's Poker Face and threw in a few actions to appease the masses. They literally ate it up. I wonder how many of them know of our Lady Gaga.

I leave for home in 10 minutes, then it's off to see Harry Potter. And tomorrow we will go to UB City for my favorite, sushi. It's stacking up to be a great weekend!


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