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[Comments] (5) i write the songs: Last night Susie and I watched Slumdog Millionaire. We ordered it from Amazon with a bunch of kids shows and a series to help keep boredom from creeping into our lives. When it arrived, I noticed it is rated R. Oops.

I decided to watch it anyway, and vowed to turn it off if it disagreed with me. I didn't tell Susie, who wasn't really watching anyway. I really enjoyed it and can relate to basically all parts of that show. It's a pretty good flik and I can see why it won Best Picture a few years back.

Afterwards I informed Susie of the rating and at first she didn't believe me. But the violence was no overly gory, there was hardly any swearing at all, the nudity was nil, and none of it was different from anything I can see at any given moment out on the streets of Bangalore. How can they possibly rate it R? We both agree we've seen way worse PG-13 movies, including Titanic, Jurassic Park, X-Men, that are more gory than that. Shame on the rating system.

This mostly upsets me because it open a whole new can of worms regarding rated R films for me. What other ones should I ignore the rating on? Which PG-13 movies should I more carefully study before I watch them? And the only way to REALLY determine if it's ok is to watch it, as one person's smut is another person's de-sensification.

Yesterday we also had all you can eat sushi and dim sum for lunch. It was Susie's first time having dim sum and she survived it ok, but refused to eat any fish. Maggie had a shrimp dumpling and gobbled it down, and also ate a cucumber sushi roll. The restaurant is insane....they never stopped bringing us food! For $55 we thoroughly stuffed ourselves and enjoyed a great view not only of Bangalore, but also of the biggest Buddha head I've ever seen! We took pictures but Susie hasn't posted them yet. Thanks for the BD money mom and dad, it was well spent on a good meal.

I also watched Follow that Bird yesterday with the kids and they both liked it and it got a song stuck in Susie's head the rest of the day, even though she wasn't watching it. Susie's a lot like my mom in the whole not watching shows with the kids thing. But Dalton really enjoys having a watching companion and sat on my lap the whole movie. To be fair to the movie raters, Follow that Bird deserved its G rating.


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