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India's out. for. the sum-mer.: India's out. For. Ever.

The entire country is devoid of expats! Except for us of course. Apparently Bangalore is akin to NYC and the greater US is akin to the East Hamptons, because everyone's gone home for the summer. Had we known originally this is how things are here, I may have kept our original airplane bookings and come home for some time in July. Or at least let Susie come home. It's lonely here otherwise.

At church Brother Van is still there but his family is home for the summer. He was really surprised that we are still here. But we didn't know any better so here we are. All the Mormon families are back home. I asked Brother Van if he's lonely but he works six days a week so he keeps busy.

In honor of the summertime void in Bangalore, we are currently offering huge incentives for visitors, including deep discounting of plane tickets (I guess it's more of a subsidy), free room and board at the famous Salurpuria Silverwoods Residence (otherwise known as our apartment), free airport transfers and in-town limo service (ok it's a crappy Tata Indigo but our driver speaks English), all in exchange for a quick visit and a bag full of Pop-Tarts, marshmellows, diapers, tortillas, and cheese. Even Travelocity can't compare!

It's been a beautiful weekened of lunch at Tuscano's with all the remaining expats in India, play place with the kids (wannabe Chuck E Cheese but some of the rides say Chuck E Cheese on them), church via auto (we actually caught one home today in less than two minutes!), exercising, and watching movies on teevee.

Three new coaches got here this weekend and my new assistant gets here in two weeks. I'm excited for the energy they will bring, as the rest of us coaches are really jaded right now. But most of the blame for my bad attitude is with this unkown disease that refuses to die. I think if it cleared up I could be a happy camper again.


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