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[Comments] (2) the burning fire of patriotism: I didn't do anything overly-patriotic today. But I did cut out of work early for a massage. It's so nice to have $30 massage parlors here. It felt great and, after the stress of my unknown ailments, really calmed me down.

On the way home Sandeep asked about what a massage is. He also asked me if it is performed by a machine. I heard him say mission at first and was very confused until he defined machine for me. I told him it's a person performing the massage. He says he would like to try a massage some time. I think I should more fully disclose the details of a masssage because I'm not exactly sure he would like it. I would think a very traditional man like Sandeep might be uncomfortable wearing a towel and getting rubbed by a strange woman. In fact, this was the 3rd massage of my life (2nd only in India) and it was the first time I wasn't uncomfortable getting naked to get rubbed down.

My last massage was in March. I think I'll need another one sooner than that. It really did wonders for my Indian troubles.


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