Traffic for 2011 August 1 (entry 3)

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four nights in Bangkok: Today we hit the Safari and Ocean Park. It rained all day but we wore hats, bought an umbrella, and survived. It really turns the humidity up a notch when it rains, and our rain coats were useless as they were too uncomfortable in that kind of humidity.

The kids LOVED the safari. Camels coming to our car window even. We got to feed giraffes, which was totally awesome, and also fed some parakeets. They also have baby tiger cubs you can feed but they were napping when we were there. Since the cubs were asleep in their unlocked cages, Maggie and I reached in and petted them. A little scary, I must admit, but also totally awesome. This zoo really let us get up close to the animals.

Today's cuisine was Mos Hamburgers (a Japanese chain but I just waned a non-McD's hamburger) and it was good. We hit Dunkin Donuts because it's half the price as Krispy Kreme without a 10 minute line. People here sure love Krispy Kreme. It's always packed. We also bought some food items to bring home, mostly some Campbell's soup and saltine crackers, things we can't get here that weren't insane price wise. They had raspberries and I was so tempted but it was $10 for a small box.

We found another mall that had touristy stuff and bought some paintings and Thai t-shirts here.

I think the country is most like Malaysia, which makes sense as they are border countries. Lush, green, wet, humid.

Four nights in Bangkok makes you seriously consider an office transfer, but only when you are safe out of the humidity.


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