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[Comments] (1) happiness is: This last week has been amazing. Not only is my sister here visiting us for ten days, but she brought an entire suitcase full of pop-tarts, wheat thins, colby jack cheese, candy bars, fruit snacks, dental floss, Instant Breakfast, and toys for the kids! It appears that TSA went through all the candy to make sure it wasn't a front for a bomb, and two bags of candy went missing. But otherwise it's all here!

I spent TH morning catching up on the haps back home (mostly same old it seems) then they all took off for Mysore, wherein I am told they procured the much-anticipated elephant and camel ride. Today they are at Wonder-la. I've been playing the role of bachelor #2 the past few days and am loving it. The peace and quiet and freedom have been nice, but I'll be excited for everyone to return home this evening.

Work has been great too. I've been super busy but having another coach has at least kept things at a tolerable level of insanity. And I've been bringing my own lunches to work and eating in the break room with my Indian co-workers, which has also been way better than the usual trying to find the US co-workers that never invite me to lunch. The conversations have been fun and they are always interested in what I'm eating, since I take western food to lunch. They mostly think I eat salad but yesterday I took in meat pies and Colby cheese and wheat thins to shake it up a bit. I also took in all the extra muffins we have here for them to try.

I also got my raise this week, even though raises don't go into effect until October. It's higher than I had hoped so that's always nice. And I got yet another bonus, quite substantial this time. It always feels nice to be appreciated for what you do and to have people tell you they think you have a bright future.

This morning I am going to get a massage, then may or may not go into work, depending how many people show up. It's a long 3-day weekend, as Monday is Indian Independence day. Yesterday they played the anthem in Bengali at work and I sparked a whole controversy because I asked what it was about and a lot of people didn't know. I asked what they learn in school if not their own anthem. I'm still curious as to what they learn in schools here, actually.

It's been a good week, and next week should be nice too, considering it's a short week and Jodi will still be here exploring.


Posted by Mom at Sat Aug 13 2011 09:19

I do believe that bach #2 is the final winner.


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