Traffic for 2011 August 16 (entry 1)

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BOGO: On Independence Day I took Jodi to Big Bazaar, the Wal-Mart of India, where everything was on sale. Jodi tried on about 30 outfits, which was unique for me, since normally Susie doesn't try on anything. We ended up buying on thing she tried on! Due to the holiday, we were able to find a bunch of T-shirts advertising India and bought a bunch of them. I also helped her find clothes for Franco and Kyli. We were there about 3 hours and it felt like Black Friday. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

We also bought some Indian flags and attended our complex flag-raising ceremony. I also took Jodi to lunch at Sunny's, which was out of blueberry creme brulee. But we all had burgers, which are amazing here. They marinade them in Italian Dressing or something akin. I haven't had beef since Bangkok so I was craving it.

Indians love fireworks but not on Independence Day, just on the other holidays. I suppose that is because their independence was won peacefully so there is no need to replicate a rocket's red glare.


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