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[Comments] (2) nanny wars: Today Kannagi showed up at quarter to 11 to relieve me of fatherhood. Dalton was so thrilled to see her he didn't care that I was going to work. Maggie, however, begged me not to go. This from the girl that also told me yesterday I should go to Hampi and mommy should stay home with her. I guess I'm her second favorite only.

Kannagi called me an hour later because she couldn't understand Maggie. When Maggie is not understandable, she hyperventilates, cries, and becomes even more difficult to understand. But after Maggie trying three different times to talk to me over the phone, I finally realized she simply wanted a hot dog.

Jus Booster was out of large cups (and refused to make me a large anyway out of a two small cups) and was out of acai, so I told them to pound sand and unfortunately was left eating lunch at the golden arches. Tomorrow I'll hopefully have more time to bring a lunch. Why even bother opening if you are out of everything?

To do list includes buying fuzzy drinks (ie 7 Up) on the way home for two sick kiddos and to hopefully squeeze in an episode of Glee as well.

Maggie first informed me she will feel better when Jesus comes, but updated it today to when we go back to UT. She also told me Heavenly Father doesn't let us drink tea today when Minnie was organizing a tea, biscuit, and dog biscuit party on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Posted by Susie at Thu Aug 18 2011 21:30

Sorry to laugh at your pain, but this blog entry was hilarious. Poor Maggie.

Posted by Mom and Dad at Sat Aug 20 2011 17:30

We laughed too at the way it was written.


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