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[Comments] (2) little rascals: It's been a rough few days for the kids. Since Susie and Jodi took off Tuesday night, Maggie had a hard time being with the nanny during the day when I went to work. Thursday in particular was a hard day. I took leftovers to work for lunch and around 3 pm I could tell my tummy was not happy. Something was wrong, and that something was the Indian food inside me.

I got home around 5:30, just as the maid was calling. Maggie refused to come out of her room. She has been sick lately and still has the runs, and went in her pants, and would not let Kannagi clean it up, so I got the honors the moment I walked in the door. I put a towel under Maggie, took off her clothes, and decided the hell with the mess and threw all soiled articles in the outisde dumpster. The maid left and Maggie fell asleep on me. Then it was my turn.

With Maggie asleep, I quickly put a diaper on her for the night to avoid future trauma, threw away the leftovers before anyone else became an unfortunate victim, and waited to throw up. I knew it was coming. I could tell the food in my tummy was not sitting well. I even tried to induce it myself. I lost all energy and collasped on the bed. There was a show on the teevee so I assumed Dalton would be fine for a few hours. He eventually came looking for me. The sheer act of sitting up finally set off the vomitting. Each hurl made Dalton shriek; it really scared him. He finally fell asleep on the bed with me, and I dutifully got up every two hours to either vomit or have the runs. And all this as a single parent! This is the final straw and I am now officially done with the food here. Nothing but pop-tarts and cereal for me for the next two months.

The next morning I felt much better, having finally purged my body of the poisoned food. I went to work for a few hours and also worked today while the family went to the zoo. It was pretty nice at work, only about five of us there, but still plenty noisy as people here have no issue blasting Bollywood. But I only had to answer four questions in six hours so that left me with plenty of time to review a tax return today.

Another Indian quirk is only ticketed passengers are allowed in the airport. So I had to take Jodi to an internet cafe to print her receipt to get in the airport tonight. Dalton wanted to come. While we were gone, a monkey came in our house and stole our muffins and goldfish, all in tupperware, and wiped his grubby little handses all over the place. I'm told it was quite the bru-hah-ha. Maggie seemed most upset that he ate our food. Our kitchen door doesn't lock so I invented my own lock and we'll see how monkey proof it is. See. Even the monkey wants to eat only pop-tarts and cereal.

I feel like Alfalfa when he exclaims that God must hate him. But I guess if God lives inside of me, like Jack Handy thinks, then he also got food poisoning.

One day we'll laugh at all of this. But it's not gonna be today, and it's not gonna be tomorrow, and it's probably not going to be this year.


Posted by Susie at Sat Aug 20 2011 10:23

I'm laughing!

Posted by Mom and Dad at Sat Aug 20 2011 17:29

We're laughing too.


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