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[Comments] (2) trousers: The men here wear form-fitting trousers. Sometimes so form fitting I can see an underwear line. I don't think I could pull off the look quite as well as they do. I certainly don't have a curvaceous behind like most of them do. But it works for them. A lot of my coworkers are quite thin and it's also not uncommon to see their belt wrap around their pants 1.5 times over. Either that or they really just make belts one size fits all here. I also don't think I'd like dealing with such a large belt all of the time.

Maggie says we are going to Gond tomorrow on a Toucan airplane, which I guess is her version of Bangkok on a Kingfisher airplane. I tried to tell her we can't go because I didn't buy tickets but she insists we can buy them at the airport. I hope she's not too disappointed tomorrow when I trot off to work, just like any other day, and she stays home and plays toys, just like any other day. But we are going on a trip in just 3 weeks. After our tax filing deadline. Assuming I survive until then.


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