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[Comments] (3) there and back again: Maggie has been counting down the days until we visit Gond, a make believe world combining the best of India (slim pickings I know, but mainly Goa), Hong Kong, Bangkok, and pictures she has seen of our upcoming trip to Dubai. Today we hit zero and she wanted to pack a bag full of dinosaurs.

We filled a suitcase with stuffed animals and I took the kids up to floor 10 of our building while Susie frantically decorated the house. I contributed by drawing a picture of a Toucan for the plane, since apparently we've worn out our welcome on Kingfisher.

So we ate a treat upstairs, looked out the window like we were on a plane, and headed back downstairs to find a note on the door welcoming us to Gond.

Apparently in Gond you can go on a dino hunt. Gond also has Cheetos (imported from Bangkok) and strawberry marshmellows (also imported from Bangkok). It's hard to know the exact location and origin of Gond. It's been rumored Gond derives from Gondola, which is a combination of a fun ride we went on in the Kong to see the Big Buddha and also is the full version of the now-shortened Goa, a Portuguese beach enclave on the sands of the Arabian Sea. When traders first discovered the area is still in dispute, and the current location is rumored to be somewhere between the Bermuda Triangle, the ancient city of Atlantis, and Springfield a la the Simpsons (not to be confused with any actually-known Springfield that can be viewed on a map).

We leave for Dubai in less than six weeks now, and I think Maggie will be pleased with the place. It appears to have EVERYTHING Gond has and more. And Kerala will be a nice jaunt on a houseboat, which is now less than a month away. But in the meantime, we do what we can.

I wonder what Maggie would have thought had we actually gotten in the car with a suitcase, driven to the airport, and gone somewhere. I have to think she knew all along this was all in her head, but kids sure do have a way of hoping against hope sometimes.

This reminds me of the time Susie's family all packed up and went to Mars, which appears to be somewhere between LaMont and the Grapevine, and included a rocket ship ride in a 90's van covered with orbs and star stickers. The jury is still undecided on how successful that trip was, if I recall correctly. But we only get one shot at childhood so it's important to me my kids get to live it up!


Posted by Leonard at Wed Aug 24 2011 07:25

For the record, the trip to Mars was BAD.

Posted by Susie at Thu Aug 25 2011 02:10

I thought Mars was fun! Also, I think it was pre-van.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 31 2011 07:02

I remember the van. And we got spaced-themed candy bars, so it was ok by me!


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